Founded in 1996, Turning Point Labs is a small, purebred Labrador Retriever breeder located in Southwest Florida. Turning Point Labs breeds unique purebred Labrador Retrievers, all of which come from excellent pedigrees, including American, Finnish and Canadian domestic and international champions. As such, TPL Labs are bred for personality and work type, possessing muscular and agile bodies, thicker heads, necks, chests, very high intelligence, supreme obedience and great temperaments. Turning Point Labradors breeds the highest quality Labrador Retrievers and provides an ongoing support network for all of their dogs throughout the course of their lives.

Turning Point Labs is not your average kennel; it is a family-owned and operated farm. Our "Lab Philosophy":

  • Puppies are born, nurtured, socialized and loved. Before going home at 8 weeks old, TPL puppies are hand-raised by both adults and children, spending an average of six hours per day being held, played with and trained ("no bite" and "go potty"). TPL puppies go home highly socialized, confident and ready to be loved by their new family.
  • Dogs are trained, worked, exercised, played with and loved. I believe that dogs should have at least one planned activity per day and all dogs have a special adventure, game or challenge each and every day.
  • Dogs are treated as important members of the family. All of the dogs live in the house as family. All of this love and care yield happy, confident, healthy breeding stock. There are no anti-social or aggressive dogs at Turning Point Labs.
  • Dogs that show high potential are trained and shown in conformation, agility and obedience. TPL Luke earned his championship title before turning 18 months old. TPL Elliot has recently earned his Open Agility titles, WC and Obedience titles and is moving on to even greater challenges. Our little Glory has earned her first point at not even 7 months of age. All of my girls come from championship lineage and possess top-rated pedigrees. Several litters have produced obedience titled dogs, therapy dogs, seeing eye dogs, and award-winning hunters. So whether you are looking for a great family pet or something more, we probably have the lab for you!

We welcome potential dog owners to learn more about the Turning Point family and to meet our quality Labrador Retrievers.



Haven (left) and Stone (right) earn their Working Certificates!
Pictured with Jan - July 2008


Our veteran "Sedona", founding girl of our kennel, recently competed in a veterans competition. She received first place in breed and went on to place in Group. Our daughter, Cheyenne, showed her in breed and we couldn't be prouder of both of them! You can read more about Sedona on her page.

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